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Our Company Profile / Policy

About us

Our Company Profile / Policy

About Noelle + von Campe

Tradition, Zeitgeist and functionality – glass packaging by Noelle + von Campe proves how it all fits together! Our products combine more than 150 years of craftsmanship with the most up-to-date technical knowhow, in accordance with timeless design and innovative functionality. Our experienced specialists see to that – and make sure that besides all their expert knowledge they never forget the one important thing – the necessary creativity.

Our customers – YOU are important!

We can only be successful, if our customers are satisfied. And to make sure it stays that way, we listen – and watch – closely. Because our customers’ wishes and demands regarding our service and our products are really important to us. That is why at Noelle + von Campe, we are in constant dialogue with our customers. This way, we can adapt the quality of our products and services to the individual requirements in a flexible way. 

For this purpose, we also go one step further – we directly approach our customers: for most of the products at Noelle + von Campe are created in cooperation, mostly specifically right on the spot. Thus, we make sure that we know what you need, and that you will receive the customised and approved quality you desire of us!

Our Products - Sustainable?

Of course! Our glass packaging complies with the highest safety and hygiene standards. This is not only regulated by law but also an absolute matter of course for us. We assume this responsibility towards our customers with the highest level of care and caution.

At Noelle + von Campe, we therefore strictly comply with the EU approved, so-called HACCP concept besides our own internal guidelines. This preventive system is strictly regulated and includes precise guidelines how possible safety hazards for the end user can be eliminated in advance.

Sustainability and environmental protection are also major issues at Noelle + von Campe. Energy consumption, exhaust emission and material use are always controlled in all areas of the company in order to minimise the effects for humans and nature.

The use of recycling material is therefore accordingly high in our company. State-of-the-art production technology ensures that we do not have to make compromises regarding quality.

Our employees – a winning team!

The special force of Noelle + von Campe derives from the skills and commitment of our employees. We know how important every single one is for our company: their great motivation and willingness makes us strong, their daily work guarantees the quality of our product and processes.

That is why we consistently promote our staff. We offer trainings enabling them to develop and extend their various potentials and use them permanently. We want them to feel in good hands in our company – from their entry to their retirement.

Our suppliers – Always giving the best!

As a company with high quality standards and environmental awareness we demand the same high standards from our suppliers as from ourselves. Besides all price awareness, especially innovative force, competitiveness and sustainability are important criteria when selecting our suppliers. We tackle this challenge with responsible care in order to use the best products and services.

Especially regarding sustainability, we have been supporting our suppliers for years and are constantly developing optimisations in cooperation with them. This is an essential part of our company culture.

This target-oriented strategy pays off. Today, we can rely on a worldwide network of powerful and innovative suppliers and together, hand in hand, we can pursue our joint objectives – with mutual respect and trust. At the end, our customers also benefit from that. 

Our economic policy

Our employees, the shareholders of our company, but also the people and economy in our region – they all benefit from our economic success. Of course we want it to stay that way. That is why we strictly act according to economic principles.

A strict cost management, a responsible dealing with resources and a pronounced quality and performance orientation ensure the continued existence of our company for all. This, we feel obliged to.